Our son, now 9, began attending Roots and Wings at age 2. For the past 7 years, we have joyfully watched our shy little guy blossom into a confident, engaged, emotionally intelligent superstar who adores his school!

Roots and Wings has been an unbelievable blessing to us. Soraya and her staff have created a magical environment that combines practical education with a strong focus on creativity, nature and emotional awareness. An absolute gem in Brussels! 

Jenn Thomlinson

My husband and I scoured Brussels for a multi-lingual kindergarten for our four year old son. Discovering Roots and Wings was a revelation.  It is run by Soraya Yavari, not only a passionate and committed educationalist but an incredibly warm and caring person. The small class sizes mean that each child is able to develop and learn at their own pace in an imaginative and stimulating environment. . The individual attention and care that our son has received has been absolutely outstanding. Art and nature are integral to the daily routine as are story telling, yoga, music and plenty of play and exploration. Soraya with her team have created a magical space in the heart of beautiful Parc Parmentier. It is a place of love and laughter where the curiosity and wonder of the child can bloom. I cannot recommend this kindergarten highly enough.
Elise McCredie

We feel very fortunate that the Roots and Wings preschool opened its doors when it did. Our son had difficulty adjusting to the local communal school, but within the first week of attending Roots and Wings, he was hopping out of the car without glancing back to say good-bye in the mornings and asking to go to school on Saturdays. We noticed that he was happier, calmer and more articulate and believe this is the result of the smaller class size, the extra attention he received from the teachers, the child-led play and and much time spent outdoors in the school's sylvan setting.
Gudrun Trescher

I wanted to pass along my strong recommendation for the preschool my daughter has been attending during our stay here in Belgium.  It is called Roots and Wings and is in Woluwe St. Pierre.  Our daughter has flourished there and the founder, Soraya, has been amazingly kind and flexible given our unique situation.  It has a very high student to teacher ratio and each day they have unique and educational activities for the children, ranging from yoga to nature walks.
Again, I can’t say enough about how much we have enjoyed our encounter with the school.
Sarah Knudsen

Roots and Wings feels like home to me. I knew from the first visit that our son belonged here. It ticked all the boxes for us. One thing I like mostly is that all the teachers have the same positive energy and you’ll always find one or two children being hugged by their teacher. Never have I heard them raise their voice. I love what Soraya once said “here it is a no- judgement zone”. And I feel no judgement coming from any of the staff. Roots and Wings is not only for our kids, it is also for us parents. It feels like a village.

It feels safe, welcoming and joyous. Teaching there doesn’t only happen indoors, because at first you’ll wonder “how are they going to cope with kids in a small indoor space? ”, “ will my child be able to nap?”. Trust me, when they want to nap, they will. Probably tired from all the outdoor activities they do, and will sleep even better at night. So we couldn’t have chosen a better school for our son. 

Buyani Hognas

"Our youngest son spent his first three years with Mom. We were looking for a preschool that would be respectful of his adaptation to a new reality. A preschool that was patient with its own times. A preschool in which we were completely sure that he was going to be unconditionally loved, as we love him. And we found this precious jewel where our little one is being accompanied, supported, loved and respected by an exceptional group of people under the leadership of Soraya, a unique person and professional. The ratio is unbeatable and the location in the middle of the forest together with an individualized approach means that we cannot recommend this preschool highly enough. "

"Our eldest daughter joined the Roots and Wings primary school after an extraordinary experience in a Montessori preschool. The beginning was difficult for her because her friends went to other schools, but the attention, dedication and support she received from the school's pedagogical team was exceptional. Now our daughter simply loves the school. It is a very solid educational project where Soraya has managed to find a perfect balance between emotional and academic development. SOLE pedagogy is combined with meditation, circus, art, singing, outdoor activities and an endless number of innovative pedagogical initiatives. All this, in small groups with a personalized approach and with highly qualified teachers. Without a doubt, it is difficult to find a similar school in Brussels and we highly recommend it."
Ivan and Rocio  Vázquez Pérez